Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Revolution of Weddings

               Evolution of Wedding Dresses






Monday, December 13, 2010

Bold Colors Forecasting

The meaning of this trend is being bold and bright.
It applies to the Fashion industry because, bold bright colors have been worn & used since the 80’s. I believe customers enjoy wearing bold colors because it makes their outfits stand out.
The Colors used are Fancy Purple, Halloween Orange, Ocean Blue, Fierce Red, Gumby Green, Bolt Yellow.
The lifestyle and culture is for those woman who enjoy the lavish, bright colors. Bold colors can be used for any occasion such as a dress for prom, festival events, concerts, walking threw the mall, showing off your boldness at school, or even wearing your Halloween costume. Bold Colors are represented more in the 80’s because back they weren't afraid to express themselves. Now within our generation we are using the bright bold colors in every aspect.

Bold colors can be put on any type of fabric, as long as it looks accurate and well fitting. Cotton is a great fabric for Bold colors, because the colors stand out. BOLD COLORS

Monday, November 22, 2010

Girl Talk! Botique Search.

Girl Talk!
I chose Girl Talk boutique located in Lake Forest Ca, because its a nice boutique to shop in. I noticed there was allot of rhinestones studded pants, called Miss Me" that go great with your everyday style. Along with the fabulous jeans, there were allot of other great apparel, such as, sleek graphic blouses, flashy accessories, fashionable handbags, and hip sheik hats. Their Most popular clothing item was the Miss me Jeans, due to their fine texture, and bedazzled outline. I really enjoyed their many selections and amazing colors.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fashion Review is a website full of exciting sites like Trend Report, Headlines, and shows you L.A. Fashion Week. This Site is very useful for my assignments because I can easily find my source and gets ideas on my upcoming projects. One of my favorites is how it shows the pictures for L.A.'s fashion week. It has the new looks, the Designers fabulous designs. This website also gives you the opportunity to blog your comments or thoughts about the thing your looking for. It also carries the Latest Headlines so you can catch up with the last news. Along with the fascinating details, this site also shows you the upcoming events celebs attend, or what new trends are coming within the season. Another thing I like about this website is that you can check up on the latest news and recommendations. Unlike other sites, this one actually gives you the right information you are looking for, and having everything accurate. I highly recommend this website to those who passion is fashion because it had a lot of great resources and enough information to manage. What it carries, that I also love is that it has all the links to whichever site to want to visit in the future.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tropical Chicka

Tropical Chicka
Tropical Chicka by NeceRios89 featuring vintage shorts

I chose To create this Look Because Im fasinated with The Latin Culture. and Puerto Rico is one of my favorite Islands, and would to visit 1 day. Its colorful & full of story. The main colors i chose were Yellow, red, & green becuase it goes great with the theme. You have your Night/club outfit, then your Beach/swimwear outfit & lastly, your Casual look.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog Assignment

A.) Trends
The trends that I see still popular are the "classic black leggings",Leggings have always been supportive with every style, like wearing them with a dress, skirt, shorts even wearing them to work or yoga.

Another Fashion trend that I still see popular 5-10years from now is Annimal Print. Annimal print has been around since the 1900's and became very popular in the 40's-50's.

B.) Preppy
Preppy Chic StylePreppy Chic Style inspired by Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

The Shy girl meets the School Girl. This Look always goes for the girl whos a bit lowkey calm with a tad sprinkle of trendy.