Monday, November 15, 2010

Fashion Review is a website full of exciting sites like Trend Report, Headlines, and shows you L.A. Fashion Week. This Site is very useful for my assignments because I can easily find my source and gets ideas on my upcoming projects. One of my favorites is how it shows the pictures for L.A.'s fashion week. It has the new looks, the Designers fabulous designs. This website also gives you the opportunity to blog your comments or thoughts about the thing your looking for. It also carries the Latest Headlines so you can catch up with the last news. Along with the fascinating details, this site also shows you the upcoming events celebs attend, or what new trends are coming within the season. Another thing I like about this website is that you can check up on the latest news and recommendations. Unlike other sites, this one actually gives you the right information you are looking for, and having everything accurate. I highly recommend this website to those who passion is fashion because it had a lot of great resources and enough information to manage. What it carries, that I also love is that it has all the links to whichever site to want to visit in the future.

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