Tuesday, September 28, 2010



"Rockabilly Look"
The simplest way may be to describe it as picturing an exciting blend of the blues, country and gospel sounds of American music that were prevalent, up to the mid 1950's. Mix that in with the heavier beat that was becoming more and more a part of pop music of the day and the result was "rock 'n' roll."
This unique music is far from a "thing from the past." Rockabilly Outfits



 pinup14.jpg image by FanGirl1

Pin-ups are intended for informal display. Pin-up girls may be glamor models, fashion models, and actresses.

Price for this entire outfit is only $251.00!

Price for this entire outfit is only $177.95!

Price for this entire outfit is only $216.00!


Monday, September 27, 2010

*Old Hollywood Glamour*

Glamour is not a style that can be worn. It is an imaginative process that must be inspired—and no matter how beautiful, Hollywood's retro-glamour is only a colorized copy.


Black Cap Sleeve Dress

BCBG Max Azria
Sequin Sheath Dress

Old Hollywood Glamour to me is Real Fashion because Nobody was trying to over take the spotlight, like they do now.
Old Glamour is Unique, Passion, & Stylish.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oscar De La Renta

Flag of the Dominican Republic
"We're dealing with sophisticated customers. What's most important to these women is individuality. I have to create things she'll want to wear, no matter who she is".

" I like light, color, luminosity. I like things full of color and vibrant. "

Oscar De La Renta/ Fashion Show

 Oscar De La Renta *Spring 2011*
Oscar De La Renta tends to use alot colors in his Designs, so im not surprise to see every outfit very vibrant and colorful. He tries to emphasize women with curves and authentic ethnicity. His colors for Spring 2011 are mostly Bold greens, reds, yellows, & corals.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My 2 Fashion TrendSetters!

Rihanna is always known for her edgy, unique look. So her dressing up so rebelious, doesnt surprise me. She went from Good girl to bad in a blink of an eye. She is such a fashion trend setter that she has every teenager wanting to dress like her. From her Funky hairstyles to her Fabulous outfits, she always knows how to make fashion statements.

Jennifer to me is the Ultimate trendsetter! She goes from Glam, to Casual, to Old Hollywood, to classy. She's not afraid to try something different but ofcoarse it has to be all bling out! She loves the Glits&Glam and always flaunts her beautiful curves that make her proud of being Latina (:


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Dia De Los Muertos"

"Dia De los Muertos" represents Old Fashion Culture.
The Hispanic people celebrate it on the 1st day of November.
But the customs have different origins, and their attitudes toward death are different: In the typical Halloween festivities, death is something to be feared. But in "El Día De Los Muertos", death — or at least the memories of those who have died — is something to be celebrated.
Día de Los Muertos Fashion Week Alexandre Herchcovitch 2010
Alexandre Herchcovitch was inspired by the death a tribute to Día de los Muertos for his fashion show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. The collection features patterned plaid suits, kilts, deconstruction of tailoring. I watched the fashion show on tv, impossible not to feel fear, makeup of skull, dark catwalk and the soundtrack (the cure). Tailoring is one of the greatest qualities of Alexandre.