Monday, December 13, 2010

Bold Colors Forecasting

The meaning of this trend is being bold and bright.
It applies to the Fashion industry because, bold bright colors have been worn & used since the 80’s. I believe customers enjoy wearing bold colors because it makes their outfits stand out.
The Colors used are Fancy Purple, Halloween Orange, Ocean Blue, Fierce Red, Gumby Green, Bolt Yellow.
The lifestyle and culture is for those woman who enjoy the lavish, bright colors. Bold colors can be used for any occasion such as a dress for prom, festival events, concerts, walking threw the mall, showing off your boldness at school, or even wearing your Halloween costume. Bold Colors are represented more in the 80’s because back they weren't afraid to express themselves. Now within our generation we are using the bright bold colors in every aspect.

Bold colors can be put on any type of fabric, as long as it looks accurate and well fitting. Cotton is a great fabric for Bold colors, because the colors stand out. BOLD COLORS

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